Meet The Chef

Looking for a healthy alternative to eating out or trying to cook a meal after a long days work or a just a busy lifestyle?  What would it be like to come home and have a delicious meal waiting in your fridge?  Chef April can prepare your daily meals and make this a simple reality!

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  1. Choose a no fuss menu every week for 1-4 days from my sample menus or send any recipe you'd like to try

  2. Your produce and fresh proteins are hand picked by me right before cooking

  3. Dinners are wrapped up, placed in fridge, and left with reheating instructions

  4. Your kitchen is left spotless and your healthy meals are waiting for you right in your fridge!

At Your Service

Tel: 617-293-0274  |  Email:


Contact Chef April for more information on your very own in home chef service, and a FREE consultation!

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Healthy Dishes at Your Dinner Table Every Night


Menus vary from a variety of cuisine, such as Italian, Mediterranean, to Thai.  Many clients chose items off my sample menus, or others send new recipes they would like to try.  I also put together different menus for clients once I know what they like.  A meal plan for 4 days generally consists of 4 mains, 4 sides, and 2 salads.

Customized for You

Dishes are prepared with fresh meats and vegetables, and other hand selected ingredients. A great alternative to the restaurant hopping I'd been accustom to in order to eat healthy meals without the time to prepare them myself.

Donald Schier, NYC